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Phidelium website
About This Project

Phidelium is an APP to ensure customer loyalty for the small and medium businesses.


In Phidelium I made the art direction, identity, illustrations, graphic, website and app design, UX/UI and also the social media manager.


The first image is the Home and public page. Here it explains how the app works by three simple steps, there is a link to download the APP and also a contact form with the social networks icons.


In the private area: «Para tu negocio» which means «For your business», focused for trades. It explains how Phidelium is a marketing platform designed for small and medium business. The advantages you can have, how it works: 1. Create your deals 2. Capture customers 3. Sell 4. Customer loyalty. And How much it cost.


The main goal was to do a simple and easy design where the user can understand quickly how Phidelium works. Graphically the aim was to create something friendly, cozy and fun. We decided to do illustrations and also the logo is an squirrel. The color palette had to convey confidence, seriousness and tranquility as well as joy and closeness, such as blue and green mix with a soft beige. I added a touch of orange to emphasize certain elements help finding information.