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Bambook Corporate
About This Project

Bambook is an architectural studio specialized in sustainable design and consulting.

My role here was to create the corporate image: logo, business cards, stationery, presentations, website, etc. Bambook image had to be modern as well as elegant and timeless.

I chose a beautiful sans serif typography for the logo, BonvenoCF Light and modified it by becoming a little thicker and separating lines to give it a more architectural look and at the same time more organic. I create neutral palette of grey colors combining them with an yellow between mustard and gold.

For the business card we made order in a traditional printing where they works just with old machines. As Bambook is concerned about the environment and they offer a eco-friendly design and sustainable solutions, I chose recycled paper and border was been painted with a soy based inks. The paper is quite thick and this reminds the strength of bamboo and solidity of the Bambook designs.